Kristen DeFontes is a New York based artist working in a variety of disciplines including printmaking, sculpture and drawing.  

Kristen’s recent work engages her interest in engineering sculptural expressions of her drawings, while seeking visual routes toward abstraction, metaphor and the interaction between environment and self.

Her assemblages investigate the dimensional interplay between physical weight, depth, structure and surface. To build this work, she often uses construction debris and extracted parts from her flood damaged home. Kristen’s abstract narratives embody her emotional responses and coping mechanisms. She sees this work as objects that hold power; not only in the symbolic sense, but in the way they provide a tangible link between past and present.

Born on Long Island, Kristen relocated to Upstate, NY in 2005 where she lives with her husband and their daughter. She keeps her studio in Schoharie County, teaches art in public school and co-owns WellSculpt Foundry with her husband Michael Wells. Kristen has work in several private collections and exhibits regularly in the U.S.